Used trucks are a priority with most truck lovers these days, as they deliver a unique capability and value to every shopper. Vicksburg CDJR has one of the largest selections of used trucks in Kalamazoo, an area where we definitely love our pickup trucks. Our Ram trucks for sale are often spotted in the area because of their athletic builds and utilities.

Used Trucks in Kalamazoo

So what's going on with truck buyers these days that they're opting for a used truck dealership instead of a new one? Some of this has to do with the pricing on used Ram trucks for sale. With a used model, you're looking at drastic savings on the model's new counterpart.

No New Fees

Some of what you pay for in a new truck isn't the truck itself. It's just new dealer and advertising fees. Who wants to pay for someone else's ad fees instead of the truck's value itself? While there are always fees with a new or used vehicle, the used model's price will be much closer to the actual value of the truck itself.

No Quick Depreciation

New models rapidly use values as the months go by. Within the first year, some new models lose 20, 30 and even half of their value. After all, people are buying that model new in order to get the luxury of having a new truck. By the next year, though, it's not even new anymore, and it joins the ranks of a pre-owned model. Many people are no longer willing to pay so much for a truck just to be able to say they have a new model. Used vehicles keep a lot of their value after you purchase them. All models depreciate, but a new model drops in value very quickly as you use it and it spirals toward that second year.

No Huge Down Payment

The new model is famous in a not so good way for another reason: the down payment. New models often require a huge down payment - as much as 20% - just to get the model home with you. At a used truck dealership, you'll face a much smaller down payment. Depending on the kind of deal you get from our Ram truck dealer, you'll enjoy a down payment as small as 10% or sometimes even nothing if there's a special available. When you don't pay a lot of money up front, you have more left over to put toward your first payments or to renovations on your used truck.

Shop at our Used Truck Dealership

The most important thing about buying used is that you get a truck that's ready to go on day one. You won't need to have major repairs on that model up front. You just drive away and enjoy the feeling of saving money and getting a truck model that you've loved for years. You'll have more trims to choose from and won't pay additional money for add-ons. Contact Vicksburg CDJR if you'd like to discuss our used truck inventory this year.     
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