Special Edition Dodge Challenger Shakes Up the Market

When we first got a glimpse of the new R/T Shaker from our brand late last year we immediately were overcome with a wave of nostalgia.  Our minds were filled with images of leisure suits, the sounds of Disco and of course the theme song of Star Wars.

The Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker harkens back to the golden era of muscle cars, and we were incredibly excited to see how it would be received when orders kicked off back in January.

In the end it was a feeding frenzy of epic proportions, and between January 7th and 10th dealerships swarmed like a pack of angry great white sharks to get their orders in.

When the dust settled 2,000 units had been ordered across the country by dealers, which meant the Challenger R/T Shaker was officially sold out.

With incredible classic style and power it really is not a surprise that dealerships ordered so many models so quickly.  Just looking at the Challenger is a sight to behold, with the engine peeking out from the hood scoop beckoning for you to get behind the wheel, saying "Hey, how you doin'?" to everyone it passes by.

With a complete sport and performance package this beast can really haul, and it looks as if it traveled through time right off the production like in 1970.

Classic car buffs and muscle heads can rejoice behind the wheel of this ride, and we look forward to seeing these 2,000 models hit the pavement and burn some rubber.  Hopefully, a few of them will even land right here on the streets of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

In the meantime come check out new Dodge models like the standard 2014 Challenger, take it for a test drive to feel the power it can bring even without all the classic 70's style.

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